Beauty Editor Funmi Fetto has outdone herself with the launch of her first and new book Palette and when I found out that she was having a sit down with Sali Hughs in a conversation hosted by The Guadian, I absolutely had to go.

It was a much awaited book launch and topic that was long overdue to be brought to discussion. Tackling some of the biggest battles that Women of Colour have had to face across decades and going unnoticed by an Industry that simply was not willing to cater or acknowledge ethinic minority groups, Funmi shares her experience and journey and delves even deeper into the challanges most women have had to face. Be it backstage at Fashion Shows, Photoshoots or on the couters of some of the largest and esteemed Department stores, the ethnic monority groups have seen their fair share of exclusion. The shocking revelation of some of the silent struggles that for a time where the norm, leaving most women with a small choice of options of Brands and Product to choose from, meanwhile 80% of the time having to improvise and somehow make it work.  The Beauty Industry has come a long way and finally the slow rise of a woman of colour has set many toungues a'wagging - A very craftily written, well reseached book oozing lots of detail, recommendations and top class beauty advice.

'Palette' is available Now at Waterstones - RRP £25