Have you heard..,Green is the new Black!

I went to a Tamsin Blanchard talk a few weeks ago, she’s a Fashion Journalist and the Telegraphs style director. She talked about her life as a journalist and the launch of her new book ‘Green is the new Black’. The book is fantastic. Launched at the end of August this year, the book basically talks about how to be fashionably green. Who said you can’t be fashionable and ethical at the same time, a brilliant idea. I came out a changed woman.

Tamsin also stated that her book is was very consumer driven and it was an act of re-acting to change that is happening in the fashion industry, with people becoming more aware of where the clothes are made and how they are made. ‘Green is the new Black’ works as a guide to everyone who is looking for ways to green up their lifestyle, without compromising on style, quality and being fashionable. Naturally, it focuses on topics such as eco-fashion, eco-style, green weddings, eco-friendly shoes and bags and getting the “green” look. So does this mean that green is the new “it” trend and could that be the direction fashion is now paving towards? It seems so, with many designers starting to make their collections green (the likes of Stella McCarteney, Linda Loudermilk enen Lily Cole is launching an accessories line) it can only be a positive thing for our environment but how about the Fashion Industry? The highstreet is going crazy about organic cottons at the minute with especially basic T-shirts line that are organic and ethical produced. I do love my highstreet brands but I wouldn’t mind once in a while recycling or customising my own clothing.

Tell me what you think: It GREEN a ‘GO’ or a ‘NO’ for the Fashion Industry?