...Vogue Covers
Under the collaborative geniusness and artistic minds of Vogues' Creative Director Robin Derrick and writer Robin Muir, Inventive meets glamorous and Oh-h so gorgeous! Launched on October 18th this year, the book documents the most iconic designs from the magazine since its debut in 1916.Vogue has always set the highest and best quality of standards for fashion magazines all over the world and has become an icon in its own right. Vogue’s covers captures some of fashions greatest moments including leading photographers, supermodels, the greatest artists, and the most inventive fashion which has now been very creatively and glamorously put together in the context of one book bringing together in the same volume a century of covers both illustrated and photographic. Only 200 magnificent images have been selected from an archive of over 2,000 and what makes Vogue's covers different and a standing figure in the crowd is its beauty, boldness and freshness.
Vogue Covers list price: £40.00