The BIG trends............

.....this 2008, watch out for:

This year, Green has been officially pronounced the new black and anything that touches on nature or the environment will be a big hit so don't be afraid to throw on some florals,frills and feathers to make the ultimate statement. Think mixed bouquet of flowers and you will be singing from the correct hyme sheet. Don't wear too much make up though and try keep the hair simple to create the complete look. Key pieces will be the maxi dress (can be floaty) or top with masses of volume, chiffon, silk and prints, prints, prints! I personally absolutely love the all-in-one by Stella McCartney in which case All-in-ones are also a key fashion weapon for every fashionista so if you want to kill two birds with one stone I'd recommend you go for that or something similar .

I love Paul Smith's multi-coloured signature pinstripe motif and something about it makes me thing of the rainbow or Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscopic colours will also be a big hit for Spring/Summer this year. Very simple, elegant and sexy which is key for this particular look. You don't have to try too hard let alone try at-all to gain this artistic license. Fashion meets art in a burst of painterly prints. The colours speak for themselves, every futuristic; very out of this world. Throw in a bit of frill and fluff that matches and you're good to go. Make up should be kept extremely natural or at-least try and match one colour from your outfit.

If you didn't get much of a chance to faunt your jackets or coat in the winter of 2007 and 2008, well then this time you get a second chance and even better because this time the jackets have no sleeves and a cropped all the way through. Snip, snip, snip and I'm also talking razor sharp but also still very much maintaining the femine look so don't worry. Totally Boy meets Girl - You're gonna love it!

Heeps and heeps of soft fabrics and frills. Ruffle and shuffle. Sleek tailoring and smooth satin, ultra thin chiffon and flat silk - very delicate, beautiful to create the right level of romance. Makes it all worth the while to simply be Female. Embrace it.

Spots, stars and strips; a pure fashion parade that carries a celebratory spirit. The american flag gives inspiration to the style that embraces americano. Blue, red and white being key colours, be fearless to throw in a dash of stars and maybe a hint of stripes. Very graphic and strong.