Supersize my handbag...?

Surely how big a bag does one need?

I'm a girl who likes to carry around quite a few options with me particularly when I know I'm going to be away for most of the day. Not only has having a 'Big bag' been a trend but It has also been and is a very sensible way of going about things especially if you're a busy chick who needs to take around a lotta stuff when on the move BUT!.., the bag trend seems to be shockingly turning into something that is larger than life and I mean this literally. These extra-large correct!....huge....correct! enormous....correct! ginormous bags have gone way past offering the advantage of carrying a few extra essentials and if they got any bigger we'll be able to carry a few mini-me's around. So I think it's now only fare to call them 'Hand luggage' coz they've since moved from being just BIG bags a long long time ago.