Victoria Beckham on cover of Vogue's April issue...

I bought the latest issue of Vogue just the other day and as I was stood there in WHS's I was engrossed in a blur of confusion for a few moments because I couldn't decided wheather or not to purchase the Vogue edition that had Victoria Beckham all over it. I don't hate the woman or anything, she has been a style icon and also has inspired quite a few people in this world that we live in for different and many reasons and I have to admit I kind-of dig her style as-well (sometimes) but, the truth of the matter is I am sort of getting sick and tired of hearing Becks this, Posh that...she must the only most photographed woman I know but with no real motive behind....just because. Because what though?......after all she is the one and only Mrs. Beckham. This needs to stop I thought to myself, but because I am a dedicated reader of Vogue I just had to indulge myself because I trusted that the style bible would have a lot more to offer other than just Posh spice.

So here she is as usual looking fab and dazzling on the cover of Vogue's April issue. Interesting interview by Alexander Shulman who claims they never really intended on doing a feature on VB - yeah right. Not bad for trying though and it came out fantastically. I liked the pictures from the photoshoot which were photographed by Nick Knight for the 12-page photo spread for the magazine. Lucky enough if you do get the magazine you don't actually have to read through the whole two and a half page feature, just feast on how faboscrumciouslly great VB looks in some of the designer S/S08 garments she had to wear.

(Click to Watch the 'Behind the Scenes' video)