Have you been Carried away?

The following review is a movie spoiler if you haven’t already watched SATCTM; not a total give away though if you’re gonna chance it. What the hell just read it –
It won’t kill you (Lol)!

So!.. yesterday, I finally went to see the Sex and the City Movie and I can confirm It was definitely worth the wait. With very few or no men at all in sight, I have never seen so many women at the theatres before. You could feel the fashionista spirit in the air, everyone all dresses up as if they were going to some sort of special occasion – well in this case it actually was a very special occasion indeed– Sex & the city, and there was no better place to have gone and seen it other than London’s very own West End.

It was fabulous, and I found myself falling back in love the same way I fell for the series. Having had gone and bought the complete box set last year which I have gone through at-least a hundred times over just because I couldn’t get enough of it and still can’t, there was every bit of essential reference to past scenes that made it all worth the while. I felt privileged to have watched the all the seasons before hand which brought about a great feeling and connection with the film as I engaged and embraced the ladies back into my life. Carrie Bradshaw give an introduction of herself and her girls at the beginning as she does in Season 1 of the SATC series and then we step into the future which is now.

All the sexiness, fashion and fabulousness you could ask for – it was all there. The famous Louis Vuitton fire bird, the Vivienne Westwood dress and the amazing Manolo Blahniks.

We see Carrie and Big all loved up and moving in together which turns into a much bigger commitment – A Wedding. The wedding turns out to be a Big mess in the end and Carrie finds herself heart-broken – Again. All is mended towards the end and they end up living happily ever after (I hope).

Charlotte’s adopted daughter (Lily) is grown into a little girl and her and Harry have the perfect marriage. She ends up with a miraculous pregnancy and later on welcomes a baby girl into their lives naming her Rose.

Steve cheats on Miranda and they fall out of their marriage temporarily but in the end learn that everyone makes mistakes and all is forgiven.

Last but not least, Sex goddess Samantha though having been happily in a relationship with Smith finds that even after 5 years of being together she still can’t commit.

It is only in the last 10 minutes that we find out whether the fairytale has the happy ending I’m sure we all so desperately yearned for but, not all are ups and downs. The movie is totally hilarious, full of romance, hot bod’s and the newbie ‘personal assistant’ who has moved to New York to find love. Sentimental, and extremely materialistic - just as I hoped and expected it would be. You’ll love it if you haven’t seen it and when you watch it you’ll love it even more.


(Odeon Cinema - West end)