A little bit'a brogue with'a hint'a Jazz

Though traditionally considered men's dress shoes, brogues are less formal than the plain or decorated cap-toe oxford. They are usually laced, although sometimes the design is applied to loafers and more commonly today in women's shoes. This season we see a lot borrowed ideas and a bit of a mix here and there with the Oxford/Jazz/Brogue shoe styles from catwalk to high street. I must say it's one of the best shoes around to dress-up or dress down an outfit and its versatile nature will provide every fashionista with a chic look that says 'not trying too hard but I'm with it' which its just the right kind of attitude for this season.

Where you can find them at the moment:

Got these just the other day from Office - (Oxford Circ.) Loved the tan colour and they'll look even better when they've been worn a few times (Kind of a Vintage in the making type thing but not quite) - It's just the mystery aspect I like about it all. Remind me to show you them again in a couple on months. xoxo