Justin plays sexy for Monsieur Givenchy

Sexy's been brought back!

Is there anything anyone who's in the spotlight already can't do? Musicians are now designers - Designers now actor's and actors are turning into singers - It's a crazy but wonderful world that unfortunately some of us have to live in and admire. So Justin is modelling for Givenchy's new fragrance campaign 'Play', that's something and I must admit he's looking kinda hot too. All I can say about the Ad is hott bod and the smell of money. The popstar is wearing a luxurious suit, headphones and listening to music in a studio, on a balcony and in a private jet which translates to the Givenchy Play bottle which is designed to look like an MP3 player, and will be available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette or 100 ml Eau de Toilette (Intense) with a mixture of scents including bitter orange, grapefruit, black pepper and patchouli; the Intense version features bergamot, tangerine, pink pepper, vetiver, tonka bean and patchouli all developed by perfumers Emile Coppermann and Lucas Sieuzac - sounds lush, with all these flavours you'll propbably want to take a bite or two out Mr. J.T himself only if Jessica Biel can help it.

...am not that much of a 'tech person' but a fair comparison - I guess.