Swapping is the new shopping


We all have things that accumulate in our wardrobes over time that we start not knowing what to do with because we have simply grown out of them or just don't like them anymore. But, the problem usually is you don't want to get rid of them because they cost you quite a bit, or they have some special connection with an important memory or you just can't get over being too clingy on stuff because you're scared you might need them in the next two years and it can be a bummer when you have to go back and buy something similar to what you had before when you could have saved yourself a good few pounds. None the less - a solution to most of the problems that fall upon us when we open our closets each day and are showered with masses of guilt for having and keeping clothes that we no longer wear is coming to the city. Yep! you heard me. Sign yourself onto the Visa swap programme and you can do away with all your clothes, shoes and accessories that you no longer want for points to exchange for other people's rejects. Sounds like fun and you never know what you might pick up. I believe another girls trash can be one girls treasure and besides, you've got nothing to loose unless you decide to hang on to that debris that's piling up at the back of your closet. Actress Lindsay Lohan also fronts the Visa Swap UK 2008 Campaign and encourages UK shoppers to swap their unwanted clothes at the Visa Swap Shop store in Covent Garden, London, in support of charity.

Visa UK's 'Visa Swap' is going to stoop clothes and accessories shopping to a whole new level. Drawing on the growing trend in vintage shopping, eco shopping and the emergence of clothes swapping. All Fashion lovers and shoppaholics are being invited to take their designer and quality high street clothes and accessories to drop off (pop-up shops) at selected central London locations during a period of three weeks where they will receive redeemable points in exchange for their clothing items/accessories/shoes etc. Of course the more exclusive and unique the item, the higher points you get to spend and you never know what you might find in turn so why not? I think this is a wonderful opportunity and every fashionista's dream and it also should be a very enjoyable experience. It should hopefully encourage consumers to shop responsibly and also prove to you that you can still look fantastic without having to buy new clothes. Drop-off's have already started and the last one is on July 18th then the swapping begins. To NOT miss out on your opportunity visit the VISA SWAP website for further details.

Also as we speak, Topshop is also currently running its very own 'Clothes swap' Event - Topshop wants your rubbish, which culminated today and will be running until Sunday the 29th so if you've already missed your place there as the latest updates tell me that all bookings are now full, don't worry! you still have Visa swap to opt. for.