Summer wedding special: Get Serena's wedding look

Serena's Gossip Girl bridesmaid dress

As the season finale of Gossip Girl creeps closer, just thought I’d give u a preview of the fabulous Ralph Lauren dress Serena wears as a bridesmaid. The tiered yellow chiffon ruffle dress with a floral pattern has a gaping front; ruffle collar which is paired with a black corsage, glossy belt and black leather gloves. I think this look works perfectly without going too over the top or risking looking like a bumblebee and I’ve picked this ensamble especially because it was one of the best outfits you will see at Lily’s wedding who also wears a very stunning Vera Wang gown for the occasion. Serena's look is very chic, classic and elegant without screaming too loud and carries a romantic element to it which I liked. None the less, then spotted an almost similar dress in pink and white by Monsoon in 100% silk and chiffon. It might not have the high rise ruffle collar or be in yellow but this particular dress will help you pull off this look if you are going to a summer wedding this year and the fact that it's pink not yellow makes it an even more scrumptious alternative because yellow might not suit all skin tones. With the right accessories there is no doubt you will look fabulous and look even more gorgeous than the star herself.