American mode

Key colours to work this trend: Red, blue and white - very graphic and strong.

Lately I've been in full American mode and I don't mean going there, acting American or anything like that. I'm taking the trend. See when something good is produced or presented, nothing else can be done but to appreciate and embrace it. To me what Nicholas Ghesquiere did with the floral print for Balenciaga S/S08,
Karl did with the American flag for the Chanel S/S08 Collection and I must admit that before these infrequent and phenomenal fine executions, I never really liked the idea of a full-on print of flowers of any kind or even stars for that matter on a piece of clothing. Now the highstreet has its hands full and packed with the American inspired trend and oh how big it has been for the spring and summer so far. It's not like this patriotic motif has not always been around but why has it gotten so popular now? The answer is very simple - just take a look at who finally brought it to it's fullest light and you'll need not ask anymore. You'd have thought that put together on as dress stars and stripes would look rather odd and off-ish but it's not the clash that matters if anything it's the clash that counts but, more importantly it's about creating that fine balance top and bottom considering every element including the colour tones, lengths and widths of stripes to size of the stars and keeping accessories to the lowest possible minimum. Fashion is not complicated - we just complicate it for ourselves. Tis' the time for patriotic trends and I'm lovin' every bit of it. Who cares if the trend was in last year! In fact that's one of the best things about it because we all learn and take what we could have applied before and come-up with something even bigger and better. It's a shame only two designers have learnt how to work this differently. Luckly I'd saved my 'not -so-o last -year -now' patriotic bits and am pairing them up with some new ones enjoying every step of the way. Stripes inparticilar are for life because they are very easy to wear and putting together a look that involves them is not mathematics; it's just as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

Hear what Nina Garcia has got to say on the Americano trend - Video clip (below)