Retail wars about to unleash in London

Oxford St. v Westfield Shopping Centre (White City)

I love Oxford St. loads, I really do and it would take something really big to divert me away from it. Though sometimes I get frastrated with the massive crowds, poor public transortation system and every other inconvinice that comes with shopping in Central London, a solution might be just coming to town though I'm not sure it would bring that much of different experience. So, I've just been wondering what's going to happen to Oxford St. once the new Westfield Shopping Centre is up and running later on this year and just in time for Christmas. Apparently the Westfield shopping Centre is part of a £1.6bn regeneration project in west London which also involves a development of 3000-4000 new homes, Office spaces providing new job opportunities, Cafes and restaurants, an Art Gallery, Leisure Centre, Hotel, Youth facilities and Sports fields etc...The shopping mall itself will house an atrium for live events, 15 restaurants, shops, 4,500 parking spaces, 265 shops, a cinema and other leisure facilities see Oxford St. try and top that - naah it's too late. Westfield Shopping Centre is aiming make the West End the number one retail destination stealing the glory anyway from Oxford street. "'s all about creating a unique experience and having everything under one roof..." says Michael Gutman of Westfield London [Source: BBC News]. I however personally think Westfield's will mainly get the attention of all the rich people of west London and the medium-income people including all the fashionista's obviously but won't scoop everyone off Oxford St. that is just not possible and I think it will just create a balance depending on where people choose to shop at one given time and will make it alot easier to shop and move around Oxford St. because some people will be shifted to the West. I also think that if retailers at Oxford St. remain the same or either decide to re-develop themselves people will still shop there but also Shop at Westfield's at the same time. No biggie -it's just how the cookie crumbles! We'll just have to wait and see and the customer responses will speak for themselves.