A day In the shoes of a Fashion Designer

A box full of fabric, a mind flooded with ideas and no time to sew...

If you can design and sew, my thoughts are you'd never need to buy clothes ever in your life. As great and true that may be, its just not possible unless you have somebody to do the cutting and stitching for you. Sewing takes a lot of skill, time and patience and those are three things I have very little of in that respect.I love design and God knows I wished I was a fashion designer at some point in my life, but I think I'll stick to the writing because it still allows me to be creative and inventive just without the hard labour.

I've owned a sewing machine for the past three years now, and in
that time I've only ever managed to design and make from scratch only 5 completed garments. I must say I've altered and customised quiet a lot of my own clothes and that's the thing I enjoy and love most - the simple fact that I can turn something into whatever else I may want it to be. If you haven't got a sewing machine; I say buy one, you might actually discover some hidden talent you never knew you had. And besides talent, It comes in handy when you need to alter the length of a dress, add an interesting design, convert a pair of trousers into a top; believe me it's possible. You just have to think outside the box.

As for myself, as part of my once in a blue moon tribute to my sewing machine, I finally got the balls to get that little stitcher out last week after nearly a year and decide
d to experiment once again and brush up my rusty old design skills and what came out was a not half bad LWD. (See below)

The Little White Dress