Explosive colour: Neon brights

I love the summer because it brings bright, bold and acid colours to embrace the sunshine spirit and accessories are the perfect and simplest of ways to wear and work this colourful micro-trend into your wardrobe. I can’t picture myself wearing bright neon shades from head-to-toe though it's a look that might work for some but, one thing I have definitely and most recently been playing around with are bright coloured belts, chunky necklaces or bangles and handbags and these can bring a whole new shape and look to an outfit. Seen at Giambista Valli, Louis Vuitton, Anna Sui and Chloe to name but a few, these shock colours bring an element of fun and excitement can make a really dull dress look interesting and fabulous. Style tip: (1) Don’t invite too many shades of acid into your outfit as it could quickly and very easily turn into a fashion disaster (2) If you can manage to match at-least two accessories, I bet you will never go wrong (3) Think ‘less’ is because it is always more.