From Anne to Anna

Slowey brings DWP to life in reality TV series

I couldn’t help but gather from the trailer of the up and coming Stylista reality series, how much it instantly made me think of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. It seemed as though the show has been carefully knitted to mimic the The Devil Wears Prada and Anne Slowely, Fashion news director at US Elle Magazine plays the role of Meryl Streep's character (Miranda) though herself in the series but showing an icy demeanour that is blatantly imitative of Streep's in the film with even the cruel intonation and not very entertaining phrasing which in a short space of time becomes shockingly and quite embarrassingly similar. I’m not quiet sure this whole idea is of Stylista is a particularly good thing considering the fact that Anne will be playing Meryl who was playing Anna Wintor of Vogue Magazine and very badly for that matter. When I heard about Stylista I was like 'definately gotta watch that...' but now that I've actually seen the trailer, I'm not so convinced especially with how very similar they have made 'Stylista' to DWP.

The way Slowey dresses, talks and is styled in the reality series is a direct Mirror image of that of Streep's and the Office is quiet similar to that in DWP and as Anne enters it she carelessly flops her coats onto one of two assistant desks outside her office just like in the movie. Seriously, could they have made it more obvious, I mean come-on! A bit of originality would help and what's the point of it being a reality TV series if you're acting out a role from a character in a film and not really being real.

Why is Elle Magazine always trying to be like Vogue? I don't care but whatever the reason is, it's making the fashion industry look very distasteful.
A wrong move I say for Elle magazine and it's painting a somewhat true but over-exaggerated image of the fashion industry and perhaps too over glamed.

The funny part: If Anne is going to act like Merly, she should at-least pretend like she can walk in high

Clip from 'Stylista'

Clip from the 'Devil Wears Prada'