It's Hammer time!


The simple trouser has taken a turn translating into fullness on the hips and crotches dropping further beyond
the knee and closer to the floor.

I grew up in the 90's seeing Mc Hammer on the telly shuffling about in his baggy pants - a strange thing to wear I thought back then and I just and must have given thanks to God for not having to wear them at the time. Recently though, I've been thinking real hard on the subject of harem pants / jodphurs. Having tried and tested two of my own pairs that I've only worn in-doors because of the simple fact that I haven't quiet figured out where I would wear them to the truth is that I've just been too much of a coward that's all and I must admit here and now that I do like them. The most comfy pants a girl can wear despite the fact that if you haven't got the figure for it, they might be mistaken for an adult diaper. They are super roomy and very comfortable and yes you can wear them to a few places aside from just the usual lazy day in the house watching telly or chilling in the back yard. You can take them on a trip to the high-street or even to a party or wherever your boat floats you; my thoughts - It all depends on style and quality of the pants and the rest is up to you.

Style tip: They are best in fluid jersey and floaty chiffons and mostly best styled with casual sportswear maintaining that urban edge to create an eclectic 'east meets fashion-fusion' type of look.

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