Music revival: Another day in the life of a shoppaholic

I was out shopping just the other day; looking to find a new thing to catch my eye when all of a sudden the music in the store I was in stopped. There must have been something wrong with the music player itself as it was only for a short while, but those few minutes seemed a lifetime.

What a unusual experience, strange almost and as I gazed about round the
store it was as if everything and everyone was happening in slow motion. Like robots, it was just an awkward situation that totally threw me off the spree those few minutes but just before I walked out; the music came to save the day and everything was back to normal. It was right at that moment that I realised the importance of sound and music especially in the setting of a store because it sets the mood and it keeps us going.

But why was it so unpleasant? I could hear the clicking of heels on the floor, the voice of a bitter mother yelling at a naughty child, the shop assistants offering there help, the sound of a garment hanger moving across the rail; all the destructions that we don't normally hear when the music is on and I was just like No wonder!
From a retailers point of view however, I'd say music is one of the ingredients that keeps the big bucks rolling in and from a consumers point of view I'd say it definitely keeps the motivation flowing but also kind an unfair influence, some kind of subliminal comand. I must point out though, a consumers decision is influenced by many things but at the end of the day it is up to the self to have the control to come up with the final decision of the final action based on their own judgements - To buy or NOT to buy? - Just be warned, when you walk into a store you may not even be consciously listening to the music playing in the background but guess what? this music isn't there to entertain's just there to make you feel more upbeat and enthusiastic resulting in you spending more. Some music might actually help you pick out the right outfit for what you're looking for but just remember that's not all it's capable of.