Fashion mathematics/Fashmatics!

Jeans + Leggings = Jeggings

Recently fashion and mathematics have proven to go hand-in-hand and we have since come across or heard of terms such as shoots (shoe boots), manskara, tregglings and now more recently jeggings. So who comes up with these words? Well, whichever fashion or "fantasy" world they originate from they seem to work pretty well for me. Keep them coming....!

Topshop - £20

So,...I tried on a pair of fantastic washed-out blue jeggings in H&M this afternoon and I was totally blown away. I must admit Jeggings have been a silent fashion craving of mine for a long time now and it's funny actually coz I used to fantasize about owning a pair like that, I think everyone does that when you wear something but wish that it was slightly different; maybe shorter or tighter or sewed in a completely different style and think "Oh that would look nice if only..." Well jeggings were just one of those for me among many other things. Think leggings meets Skinny jeans but in soft, stretchy denim and in a much more slimming and well fitted form. Jeggings are a cross between the two and after months of looking for the right pair, when I wore the Hennes one's I fell instantly in love, they were very figure-hugging and fit perfectly like a second skin, not too long; just the right length. It's a shame the ques where massive and I didn't manage to get to the tills before it was time to return to work - bugger! They were a bargain as-well; only £9.99 in H&M but I've also spotted a few others on the Topshop website which I endeavour to go try on and possibly buy in a few shades.

Style tip: These babies are easy to wear, an absolute must-have for the season and goes with anything from an oversized-tee with flats to a blazer over a vest top and some smokin' hot sky-scraper heels.