Summer brights: Fluoro

I really loved this look from Matthew Williamson's SS/09 Ready-to-wear collection along with many of his other creations for the season. A few things I saw in this look were that it was very simple, chic and oozed versatility. In these credit crunch times, this would be one of those wardrobe staples a wise fashionista would invest in - a dress that does everything. I want you to imagine this with me, you've worn this dress to work and decide to a go for drinks and dinner after or to a party. All you need to do is loose that blazer you had on for the day and slap on some sky-scrapper strappy heels, add a cute clutch, no need for a necklace or any statement jewellery (...the dress already speaks for itself) but maybe a skinny belt will do just the trick and you're all set to go. One has to be imaginative and inventive in these hard times when we especially can't afford to up-date our wardrobes as much as we used to, but if we are smart about what we buy, you will never open your wardrobe and think "Gosh, I haven't got anything to wear" when it's bursting at the seams with clothes.