The latest and hottest accessory in Fashion...

Experimenting with nail-polish...

Recently, I've developed a huge thing for Nail polish and I change my nail colour at-least every two days or every day depending on what I'm wearing. It's sort-of become my latest obsession and my fav and most worn colours at the moment are mostly midnight-blue, red, pitch-black and hot-pink. Some days when I'm feeling a bit experiential I usually go for neons and other bright tones and when I'm feeling even more experimental I go wild on my nails by mixing different colours or painting each nail a different shade - crazy as that may sound but painting nails has become a new way of accessorising our everyday wardrobes. Just like any girl may take time to pick the right shoes, jewellery and handbag to go with her dress, nails have also become an important part of that equation.

One of my favourite Nail artists of today is Sophy Robson - Owner of 'Sophy nails' who's fabulous
work is usually seen on celebrities and models who have just stepped straight-off the catwalk. A massive trend-setter in the nail industry and has also been featured in Elle & Vogue. I really love her out of the box ideas and creative thinking that just shows that style is fearless and you see this in her bold manicures in editorials and ad campaigns. It's all about being playful and having fun with it.



Another one of my favs is America's Californian 'Minx nail Inc.' to which it's
fabulous assortment of nail art has become infectious among celebrities since late 2008 and has also recently but quickly taken-off in the fashion industry this year.

I would really love to get one of these heated manicures which are said to be apparently quick
and easy to apply and are actually good for your nails as the application process requires no dry time and doesn't damage your nails compared to the acrylic manicures that we have so gotten used to and grown to love over the years regardless of what damage we may know they cause our cuticles.

Minx decals are made of foil-like coverings which are applied to clean, buffed nails and only require heat lamps to seal the design. The end result with Minx nail coatings is that nails then appear to have been dipped in liquid gold, or silver and they are also quiet easy to maintain making them longer lasting than our usual nail-polishes and resulting in a much glossier in effect. And for the best part- No more chipping ladies!!!

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