Designer discovery: Samantha Cole London

Samantha Cole's A/W09 Collection 'Warrior' tells a story about a woman who is independent, strong and full of determination. Taking inspiration from today's social and economic climate, Samantha Cole chose for her collection to present a woman who in that situation still manages to remain optimistic and strives to push her way through to survival because the is a fighter and a true warrior.

I personally was touched by this message - A message of never giving up, courage and hope. It was extremely refreshing to see that there is a designer out there who carries such a magnificent talent and whose work can be so in-touch with reality so much that it is uplifting and empowering in itself. You can only imagine just how you would feel wearing clothes that you can relate to and Samantha Cole is extremely gifted in depicting this kind of self-expression through her designs. Her clothes are where the true definition of a 'Fashion statement' lies.

Samantha Cole London is an International Award winning British Brand who's work is unique and well-known for its striking pieces with a gothic-edge. Samantha Cole has won various awards over the years and has also been featured in high-profile publications including the New York Times.

Her 'Warrior' Collection carries a modern feel compared to her previous work but still has a soft-goth essence. Her muse however, or shall I say muses is a combination of three fictional-film female icons - Kate Beckinsale in 'Underworld' with a bit of Tina Turner in 'Max Max' and Jane Fonda in 'Barbarella'. The collection shows how fiction and reality can be merged to create something that is positive and inspiring. The photography and styling is absolutely amazing and the clothes look stunning and pop against the futuristic backdrop and I was completely lost for words upon sight of this wonderful imagery. I also loved the fabric choices and the mix of soft versus hard from the leathers and quilted-silks which worked completely well together in-line with the story that a woman can show strength, power, dominance and even be aggressive without loosing her femininity.

Samantha Cole London delivers pieces that are fresh, modern and versatile and just perfect for anybody who is looking for fashion that is not based around trends but it still fashionable. Just what women need in this economic climate, pieces that have the qualities of wardrobe staples, are statement pieces and can be worn from season to season. Though SCL may draw inspiration from the past, you
can see that they are certainly designed with the future in mind. The true work of a visionary and clothes that will never date - well at-least for a good few years from now.

Can't wait to see what comes next for Spring/Summer 2010. Watch this space!!! *Also visit

PHOTOGRAPHY Rebecca Litchfield, HAIR Kim Roy, MODEL Kayt Webster-Brown, MAKE-UP Sandra Bermingham, RETOUCHING Monica Chamorro, LOCATION Rebecca Litchfield Studio, London