LFW AW/11-12: DAY 1

I've always loved and enjoyed the Fashion Week and all the fun, new and exciting things that come along with it. The London AW/11 Shows kicked-off with a bang on Friday with so much hype and buzz - all the London fashionista's were up and about at Somerset House, all dolled-up, looking fab and ready for some serious fashion! It was one of the busiest fashion week days I've had in my time. None the less, It was a fantastic day with so many brilliant showings from some amazing designers - I particularly loved Jena Theo, Corrie Nielson, Jean-Pierre Braganza, Anamika Wilmont and Bora Aksu. However, I was a bit disappointed later-in the day when I couldn't into the Krystof Strozyna and Ashley Isham Shows apparently because they were "out-of-capacity" - Oh well - a lesson well learnt for another day to wear more comfortable heels.......NOT and but at-least try to beat the human traffic there :-p

"....there is NO compromise in quality, style and fashion!"


Winner of last years Fashion Fringe Corrie Nielsen showcased a beautiful and inspired collection that left me want to see more, simply one of my favourites on Day1 of the AW/11-12 Shows at London Fashion Week. It was a mind-blowing show in which everything was spot-on, Not only were the clothes amazing but the whole production itself; the from the music and styling to each step carefully walked by the stunning models. I absolutely loved and enjoyed every moment of it.


Impeccable construction and tailoring!

Aminaka Wilmont was another brilliant show which was perfectly executed from start to finish - yes it was a bit darker than the previous collection but the prints and construction of the garments themselves was exquisite and a delightful sight to see. I relished in the beauty of delicacy mixed in with a sutle toughness if not roughness that came in by the genius pairing with the leathers and knits. Together, there was a coherent vibe that channelled a somewhat forbidden and enraged creature; kind of an "alien meets predator" in the jungle aura and those 'yellow eyes' tied-in very well with the feel of the collection - The girl was dangerous and super confident with a bit of attitude.