The b Store presentation was an intriguing and spirited display which was spread across a number of rooms in one of Londons largest and most remarkable houses. What we saw was the fruit of a collaboration with Pete Hellicar who's touch is not foreign to the label. Taken from their love of Italian cinema, Bertolucci's 'The Sheltering Sky' and Visconti's 'Death in Venice' in this particular case; the inspiration behind the presentation was creatively showcased in a room which had four large screens to each side, we watched in silence with a glass of bubbly in one hand as the street casted models explored and interacted with a film which echoed the mix of print, colour and texture in the designs beautifully. This magnificent display brought character to the collection creating the idealised wardrobe of a modern English privileged colonial.

From loose linens to cotton drill trousers in beiges and khaki greens to plaid shorts with matching blazers in blue - the striped sweatshirts and tee's looked so effortlessly thrown together, it was definitely a fashion forward representation of the labels past and future. And it wouldn't be b Store would it without its ever impressive menswear which had a strong signature running the whole way through.