Last week, I stopped by one of my favorite shops in Kingston which is one of the towns 'hidden gems'.

Located at the heart of Old London Rd, 'That Vintage Shop' carries many wonderful treasures which are carefully handpicked by the boutiques owner - Katie. I met this lovely, successful young lady during my visit and she expressed how fashion had always been a passion of hers and a birth right almost. Born into a creative bloodline, Katie continued to tell me the story of how her grandmother used to be a fashion designer and how some of her own mothers classic fashion pieces that had been collected over the years were even used in getting the business on its feet.

So after studying Fashion at University herself, it was only fitting that Katies career took a similar path as she can to the realization that would be no better way to express that passion than through her love for Vintage. Now - 15 months down the line since the store opened, 'That Vintage shop' attracts many fashion lovers locally and around South West London including students who have also at some point worked for the young entrepreneur. She says that her aim is "to provide accessible and good quality Vintage items that are also relevant to the current times" while at the same time incorporating a few pieces that are Eco-friendly within her range.

I was really inspired by Katies story, her choice of merchandise and the whole store lay-out which was a breath of fresh air. Unlike most vintage shops, this store looks more like a boutique hence I keep referring to it as such, there are 'proper' fitting rooms 'actual' mirrors (not a dark corner tucked far from cameras where you'd shamefully go squat and try something on - quickly) and to top it off NO weird old shop smells like those found in most Vintage and Second hand stores. In a few words I guess what I loved about this shop was its good selection of clothing and accessories and how well displayed and visually stimulating the lay-out was but most of all like any other fashionista I liked the prices and by this I mean reasonable making items in this shop accessible to all. From what I established it was clear that the owner took all aspects of running a successful business into consideration and she knows and understands exactly who her customer is. Their are even a few items for the boys too.

Go see it for yourself - Visit this little red shop on Old London Rd and you'll leave with a whole new perspective and appreciation of what good vintage pieces are made of.


That Vintage Shop
39 Old London Road
Kingston Upon Thames