The holiday season brings a few things: stress for one I'd say would be at the top of that list. But, looking from a more positive point of view there are other fun things to be more excited about namely Parties, Presents and not to forget....Glitter. Yes!!!

I’m pretty sure by now you know of my long and undying love affair with nail polish, and more recently I've developed a great fondness of glitter nail polish. During some of my shopping indulgences in New York I found Sephora...what a magical little place. I literally was like a child in a chocolate factory, so much make-up I didn't even know what to pick. But you can never go wrong with a good statement nail varnish so I went for that instead and some yummy lip goodies. With the Sephora by O.P.I nail polish I also bought lip gloss and lipstick in one of my favorite shades - Pink. My two other glitter polishes I've been having fun using are Strobe light 200 & Rockstar pink 140 by Sally Hansen. [Pictured above...]