I've fallen in love with Hackney based footwear brand Miista by Laura Villasenin; there is an unusual elegance in their shoe designs that is fashion-forward, unique and intense.

I particularly have three of their styles in mind that I have been eying-up for a while now but I just can't seem to decide which one to go for as they all very intriguing in their own way. No.1 on my list is of-course would be BATILDA,...DINA sits at 2 for and finally the ADIRA style landing at 3 - Mmmmh, decisions, decisions!!!

 (In descending order) BATILDA, DINA, ADIRA

Miista shoes are sold in UK at Topshop, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and in smaller boutiques like Postmistress at Harvey Nichols and Postmistress in Covent Garden and in United States at Pixie Market, Shopbop, Free People, Anthropologie and Solestruck.