I've wanted a pair of Jeffery Campbell Lita's for as long as I can remember, so when I went to the U.S it was only fitting that I return home with one. After trying-on a gazillion styles in a boutique on 14th Street in New York, I finally settled for the navy blues in distressed leather. What I liked most about them along with the simple fact that they were not black was the rusty brown colour of the heel and also knowing that they would be very easily adaptable into my current wardrobe and work well with my winter outfits while later-on still being functional in the seasons to come. And of-course I have already worn them out a few times and I love them - Super comfortable too I could literally run in these heels. However, I wish I could have got another pair but unfortunately I only had room for one in my budget. The other pair was the Multi-glitter Lita's which would have been perfect to go with some nice x-mas party outfits this holiday season but hey there's always next time.