In October this year, 'The Authority on Healthy Foundation' renowned as COVER FX revealed new and improved formulations and packaging for their 'globa l palette' of skin friendly foundations. Upon previously attending a recent 'COVER FX Press event' [CLICK FOR POST] I had been surprised and amazed at how extensive the colour palette was literally  "global" - catering for all skin tones.

COVER FX products have always been free of mineral oils, fragrances, glutens and are safe on even some of the most sensitive of skins. And even better, the new formulations feature more healthy-skin ingredients by eliminating talc jn all powder formulations. This brand is pretty-much amazing and basically has all the elements you need for healthy facial skin and coverage in one.

I tried these three products to see what the outcome would be and how long the make-up would last for and the result were beyond my wildest expectations.......

When applying the foundation you would think that the coverage is going to look thick and heavy. Well, what resulted was quite the opposite infact. The key is not to apply too much but to use the amount you have on the sponge to coat all the desired areas of your face. 

Apply enough to set the foundation and create a lovely matte air-brushed effect. No need to keep reapplying through-out the day.

This stuff is a-maaaaa-zing! Can apply all over face then put Pressed powder after to give you face that beautiful healthy-skin glowy effect or you can put it on after the Powder to highlight only cheek-bones for a sultry evening look.

| DAY |


I've gotten so many complements about my make-up and skin looking healthy since I started using COVER FX and I must admit I've been loving using it. My skin actually feels good and doesn't get as oily as it used to with other foundations which is fantastic coz that means I don't have to keep powdering my face every 10 mins so yeah - I'm currently a happy bunny!!

*Conclusion on product: Would definitely recommend Cover FX because it is healthy, light-weight on the skin and gives a full and flawless coverage!

Cover FX is available from Harvey Nichols + House of Fraser. Alternatively you can visit: