I was excited to attend the BLOW PR Press day because of their distinguished list of cutting-edge, new, avant garde designers who's talented work has been featured in many retail-based magazines and on celebrities the likes of Lady Gaga by the designer below (Alpana + Neeraj) and a few others, it was just one of those events not to miss being a first timer at BLOW n' all.

From Alpana + Neeraj, I loved the craftsmanship of the work and the attention to detail that was very couturesqe` and edgy. There was some amount of sophistication in the pieces that was infused with a bit of funk which made the collection very unusual and interesting. (see pictures below...)

Jane Bowlers collection Undercurrent was another magnificent collection that was made purely from plastic manipulated into some amazing styles to create fantastic piece joined by little silver metal rings. The material felt nice against the skin and lightweight, definitely something you wouldn't get hot in - so it would seem but the colours were bright and vibrant and very functional. My favourite was the Pink and black crop top (Pictured above) I can totally see that going very nicely with a body-con skirt and some ankle boots - Very rock-chic!

......obviously my obsession with statement jewellery and quirky accessories drew me to the BJORG Collection. All their pieces were cutting edge, innovative with a touch of class. The sunglasses were super cool and there was just something about the entire jewellery range that made the merge of fine and raw materials so surreal.


Three words: Beautiful, Elegant and Timeless!!!

The S/S13 collection ‘Botox doesn’t work’ grabbed my attention with it's playful and fantastical childhood theme. One cannot help but reminisce by just looking Irvoll's at her work which featured soft, fluid and transparent fabrics giving the collection a feminine, sophisticated feel. A strong 1950’s vibe ran across the  range including soft floaty dresses with chiffon and lace, sporty jumper dresses, full skirts, simple shifts, fitted tops and slim trousers. Using soft pastel tones with contrasting stripes the fabrics are decorated with cartoon caricatures from grannies to cakes to knitting needles, poodles, bows and hearts. The candy colours of pinks, greens and yellows perfectly reflect an era long gone but fits in nicely into today's modern age a it represents a younger, care-free, sophisticated lady who works hard and plays hard.

MOR Cosmetics is proudly Australian and recognized globally for its range of innovative, luxury skin care, body care and pampering products.  Each collection is inspired by the stories of ancient civilisations, by-gone eras, travel, art, cuisine and future technology allowing the creation of a unique story - from the finely blended formulation inside, to the hand finished detail on every product. Really liked their packaging but I am still yet to try out the actual products but just looking at the range I just thought they would just be perfect for gift at any occasion. Visit for more info.

For SS/13 Underground has extended their range to include the 'Koko' heeled shoe. They also experimented with sole heights and colours which I thoroughly loved and the palette was a mix of light and bright colours which was quiet a refreshing introduction to their shoes range. I am excited to see what else they might have down the line in the upcoming season as they always have new innovative projects and collaborations.

MaryMe-JimmyPau was another one that I liked but I took more fancy to their multi-coloured featured jacket which I like to call 'The Big Bird'. As Big as it looks you will be surprised at how light as a feather it is - literally!!! Although in this case a few too many feathers where clearly used. I just loved it because it was interesting and different - make no mistake you will definitely make a statement in this piece. Very editorial but still wearable.