Second Female was one of my favourites at Bright Light with its fabulous collection packed with versatile luxe pieces in a gorgeous and fresh palette. To me this label stood out as one of their strongest, it was very raw and edgy with a touch of class and I like anything that can be dressed up or down. The also nailed it on the head with their stricking statement necklaces which I was gutted I didn't manage to get a chance to try on as I had to quickly dash off to another event.

I absolutely adored Johnathan Aston's tights range for Spring/Summer 13. Strong patterns in pastely shades and interesting prints that could work well with a plain or detailed outfit.  As we all may have experienced before with other brands tights tend to pull very easily but the quality as well was amazing and though they may appear thin they felt very strong when I stretched them and they have a nice smooth feel to them. I also liked the Mark Fast range in which some of the pieces can be translated from underwear to outerwear. (See bottom two images in segment).

Loved Staunton Moods take on the Classic white shirt, Crisp, clean but with a twist. Their printed cuffs definitely brought something new and interesting to this wardrobe staple and though they are typically a menswear label I would totally wear one of the shirts in a heartbeat........(as a dress hehe)!!! Would totally look cute on its own with some ankle boots and sleeves scrunched-up with the pattern showing. Mmmmh? 

At Red label I just liked the simplicity in the design of these two pieces (below) and I thought the details in them where what made them interesting. It's amazing what a bit of pattern or colour can do!

The Makeup artist from Becca was amazing, told her I was attending an event later that eve and she gave me a glowy makeover that lasted me all night. Really great products!

GOODIES ......Always little treats at a Press event!!!-)