I love weddings, the idea of dressing up and being witness to someones unforgettable day. 

Saturday was one of my best-friends' wedding and my first Hindu wedding at that. I wanted to look the part but not necessarily blend-in and although it did cross my mind to purchase a sari because realistically how may times would one get the opportunity to wear one, I eventually opted to go for a look that mimicked one and accessorize suitably to compliment my outfit but without being over the top. 

I am literally fed up of wearing dark colours because of the prolonged winter and as luck had it, the weather was just perfect for the colour that I chose to go for in the end - Baby-pink for a Spring wedding. And the sun was shinning, temperatures were mild - A beautiful day that created such wonderful memories and the icing on the cake was that my friend got married and I caught the bouquet (...another first timer for me).

What I wore:

~ ~ ~

Miss Selfridge Maxi dress, Necklace and Shoes (old)
Accessorize shaw, hair accessory (flower), braclets and clutch bag