One of my favorite coffee spots in Kingston is this whimsical little cupcake shop called 'Sweet Revenge'. It's a nice and quirky little hang-out spot I discovered last year and I just love the setting, general atmosphere of the shop itself . The location couldn't be more perfect based just on the edge of the market square as the street leads towards the River Thames in Kingston the 'Sweet Revenge' cupcake shop is not hard to miss. When you look through the windows you are instantly enchanted by the most beautiful and gorgeous cakes on display and as you walk in it's like you've stepped into 'cake-heaven' - every choice you could dreamof. To make it even better they also do my favorite cake 'Red velvet' amongst a selection of 15 flavors of delicious cakes.

Cupcakes and slices start at only £2.50 and the portions are quite decent. They not only do small portions but they also celebration cakes that can be made-to-order and provide a delivery service. The Sweet Revenge Coffee shop is definitely one of Kingston's hidden gems and a great place to stop by and relax after a long day of shopping. To top it off they even provide Free Wi-fi for those who are looking for a nice chilled place to do a bit of work away from home.

Visit the Sweet Revenge Bakery:
41 Market Place
Kingston upon Thames,
Surrey. KT1 1JQ