Timberland is a brand that has developed and evoled drastically over the decades from a brand that was typically based on outdoor wear and workwear and I must say it is quite impressive how it has managed to re-brand itself while still maintaining its heritage by turning itself into a versitile, stylish, modern label.

The first Timberland boot was developed for workmen to protect their feet in-case of accidents whilst they worked and what made this shoe unique was a hidden metal and the tip of the boot. The colour was also very basic but yet quite bold as it made these shoes stand-out, you could pinpoint the kind of line-of-work a man was in if spotted in Timberland shoes, then it became for of an outdoor shoe for hiking and outdoor activities because of its rubber sole and the grip it had. The shoe became more popular in the late 90s when rappers started wearing it in their music videos because it reflected the type of lifestyle and stories they were telling in their songs. And suddenly it was a trend and more styles began to be developed off-of the original design.

I remember owning a pair of high-heeled pointy Timberland boots after they were featured in Beyonce and Jay-Z's Bonnie and Clyde music video. Other colours soon followed after and down the line more and more styles were designed.

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1. Timberland Stormbuck Chukka Boots, Brown - £125

2. Timberland Front Country Travel Oxford Shoes, Chocolate - £110

3. Timberland Stormbucks Plain Toe Suede Derby Shoes - £90

4. Timberland Earthkeeper Suede Travel Derby Shoes - £100