The NEXT homeware installations were amazing featuring four stories for each range; CURATOR, POETRY, LUXURY NORMAD and SHOW HOME. Everything within the collection just looked so absolutely darling I couldn't help but want it all. CURATOR - ran along a fresh story inspired by nature with flora and fauna as the dominating textiles; butterfly silhouettes were quite a prominent feature on accessories adding a nice touch of girlieness and lightness to the range. I loved the muted shades, warm cremes and hand sketched graphics which just made pieces of the collection feel more personal. The glass display boxes and bell jars made for a perfect place for trinkets making that kind of home setting a magical place full of love and wonders.

POETRY was a range suited for the romantic at heart featuring a melange of lace, ruffled edges and blurred hand painted florals - very artistic and lyrical in a manor. For those looking to shower their homes with love, this was the perfect range to pick from.Beautiful frames a nd toile print soft furnishings bringing the old into the new. Feminine and soft shades of mauve and mink blended together with fine metallic finishes - it was like looking at a dream that had been brought to life. What could better finish off a story like that than chiffons and linen blend fabrics mixed with heavy embellishment. Pure luxury!

For those who love to travel the world absorbing various elements from different cultures and environments - LUXURY NOMAD was the ideal collection for globetrotters such as that. Drown to it by the slogan most are familiar with that was on a cushion , the saying 'Life is a journey' tells a story in itself. This range would definitely bring out alot of character and personality out of someones home and possibly inspire others too along the way. The burnt oranges and dessert taupe's were absolutely gorgeous giving that feeling already of being at a home away from home.

Finally we saw the SHOW HOME Collection which was a dramatic story featuring moody plums and sultry reds.Very opulent with statement lighting and diamante detail mirrors. I wanted to take the GLAMOUR sign home with me, what girl doesn't love glitz, glam and a little bit of art deco goes a long way too. The set-up was almost like something out of the Great Gatsby; flamoyantly chic and very out there.