It was a 'Floral dream' at Push PR as their press day was literally covered with the most gorgeous flowers to aid to the theme of the event; 'Hello Petal'. The first thing that caught my attention was the bar which was completely decked in flowers and on the drinks menu were some pretty and delicious cocktails sponsored by Bloom gin. My favorite drink was the signature cocktail which was named after the agency and the days theme which I thought was very clever and original; 'The Push Petal' has to be by far the best cocktail I have ever had, purple, floral and sweet - a pure sip of heaven!

The showcase itself  presented some very beautiful collections including Millionhands who are a unique British label that has managed to merge its love for music and clothing to create some interesting and inspired pieces. We each got one of their t-shirts in the goodie bags which they had created specifically for the day; A simple and commonly used word that has a huge impact in our day-to-day lives imprinted on the front - 'Hello'!  Very effortless but so chic!

The Fold London on the other hand had some very classic and clean pieces in a variety of bold and soft colours which I liked. The silhouettes where very sophisticated and contemporary. I also really liked some of their tweeds which were an usual choice of fabric for Spring or Summer but then when I touched them, they felt very thin, light and luxurious. From Jarlo London came a soft and pastel palette which felt very fresh and feminine. My favorites where the maxi dresses with the crochet detailing and embroidered lace which gave the pieces that festival-chic edge. Tusting had some really great leather bags which I thought would be perfect for any weekend getaway and I that satchel (see picture below) would be a very useful and versatile day-to-day bag that a man of any occupation could pull off. Last but not least, I couldn't have possibly missed Jewellery designs by Rachel Galley, a very well rounded collection with a balance of Fine jewellery and Statement pieces. Its all look very intricate, unique and timeless which made it that much more extra special.

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Yummy refreshments - The 'Push Petal'

Thank You Push PR for a fabulous evening!!!