The 'Face-mask' is fast becoming a daily necessity since the unforeseen arrival of Covid-19 and it is becoming more and more inevitable that we will all have to invest in one if not already.

As much as the majority of us would hate to admit it, we have felt safer with that extra layer of protection as we have ventured out over the past few weeks. And, while some of the methods we have used have been the least flattering, they have certainly served a purpose and aided in giving a little extra confidence and comfort of security while out not only for ourselves but for other members of the public. Although there are other key methods of protecting ourselves from Corona Virus i.e. Social distancing, not touching your face and washing hands regularly; a face mask is not only an added layer of protection but also a sign of respect. In a statement given by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo he states that,

" When you wear a mask you say, I respect you to everyone you walk past..." A mask says "...I respect your health, I respect your privacy, I respect your space and I respect your safety...." 
and it also speaks for the frontline workers, nurses and doctors who are putting their lives at risk for ours everyday and he couldn't have been more right.

As we begin to see some semblance of normalcy on the horizon, with lockdown becoming less restrictive and easing; face coverings are being encouraged more and more especially when venturing into enclosed spaces  such as public transport and supermarkets. 

A mask not only protects you but it makes the other person feel comfortable, safe and considered as a human being. So in spirit of that message I have pulled together a selection of six effective masks that are not only re-usable and durable but also simple, stylish classic. The perfect item for running errands and easing back-to-work in a responsible way.

 1. Adidas face covering - £12.95 2. Casetify face mask - £12 3. Vogar - £7.49 4. Asab £5.99

Offering comprehensive facial coverage with a minimal, comfortable design, this is a face mask that can be easily worn with any outfit, which is something I never imagined I'd be say at any point this year, but her we are. Could the face-mask be the next 'it' accessory? I guess only time will tell as more and more fashion brands catch on to the trend but for the time being these select few choices should do the trick.

5. Wevegotyoucovered Face Mask 6. Paisie face covering £6