With Corona Virus at it's peak and the need to stay safe and germ free in-order to avoid sanitizing your whole life when you step back in-doors, I've taken a picture of what's currently in my bag at the moment to share with you what essentials I've been carrying around. Whether you are poppimg out to the supermarket, GP or for your daily excercise, I have put together the perfect 'Survival-kit' to get you through the day.

 These essential items are probably the only things I will be carrying around with me for the time being and in all fairness, they are really and truly the only things we need.

1. House keys
2. A 'Face Mask' for protection
3. Sunglasses - to protect against UV Rays and to look chic on those daily walks
4. My mobile phone - Music on the go and communication.
5. Purse (with only 2 cards - My debit card and ID)
6. Fragrance - just to keep things fresh (I love Hugo Boss ~ The Scent)
7. Hand stanitizer - The Aloe vera one is very kind to the skin
8. Finally, Carmex lip balm for long-lasting lip protection

You know I love my red-lipstick, but I think we all have to be practical during this time and embrace the idea of keeping things simple. With make-up, I've literally just been going around mostly bare-faced and this has allowed my skin to breathe aswell. For my lips I thought the 'lip-balm' as opposed to 'lip-stick'  would be a good alternative as it doesn't rub easily and Secondly, with a "face-covering" noone is likely to see my face anyway and it will only get wasted on the mask at the end of the day.

With new information suggesting Covid-19 survives on surfaces, it's only wise to minimize the amount of stuff we touch especially while we are out so definitely carrying around less things will help you ensure that you don't bring the virus back home.