" The Real & Relatable Woman..."

The Train Driver

The Corona Virus outbreak has seen the Fashion Industry take a new turn on its approach making a turn to look to real people as opposed to the usual ideals of perfection and fantasy we has become accustomed to seeing. From photoshoots being done as selfies from models in their homes to fashion shows going 3D and interviews being conducted on live broadcasts on social media due to Lock-down and social-distancing. Lock-down has seen the fashion world transform and take new shape to adapt to the beat of the current times.

What has also been refreshing to see is British Vogue new Cover girl turn into the real and relatable woman. Having a history of once being criticized for not showing enough diversity on it's covers and models with an unattainable image, Vogue has certainly come a long way and in recent years has experienced many revolutionary moments to its first issue with a black model on its cover to showcasing a model in a hijab to having it's oldest woman aged 85 on its cover and now The every-woman on its upcoming July Issue.

The July 2020 cover story titled ‘The Front-line’ celebrates the millions of people in the UK who have put their lives at risk everyday to ensure that the wheels of world outside continued to turn during this pandemic. These individuals are to be celebrated for their perseverance, extraordinary strength and kindness.  Despite being faced with adversity, they have continued to put on their uniforms, smiles and go to work every morning and that is something truly remarkable and to be taken note of and Vogue highlighted that very well.