The Cover FX event was beyond what I expected especially for a makeup brand I was not familiar with before. Upon entry I was greeted by a nice young lady who offered me a glass of bubbly and some nibbles then as the evening progressed we were given a brief talk about the brand and the make-up range just to shed bit of light on what to expect on the night. The make-up brand creates healthy, natural-looking foundations for flawless full coverage. I was super impressed to find-out that their range was available in a global palette of more than 30 shades, with their unique formulas providing a precise match for skin of all ethnicities - it was at that point I knew there had to be something for me there.

Each Cover FX product is free of parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc making their product range safe for even the most sensitive of skin but the big question that was still pending was - Will it work with my oily skin? I love wearing make-up but I have never really stayed loyal to one brand because I have struggled to find a product with the right balance that would work with my skin type. Even MAC's very own Studio Fix has failed to give me the long-lasting flawless finish that would solve all my problems. So, at this point I was hoping that this could be my final quest in-search for the perfect make-up for my skin. After being colour matched by the fabulous make-up artist Viktor, I was given my own personalized regime and a few tips to try out when I got home to create the 'Cover FX flawless face'. The results were absolutely beautiful with a natural and impeccable finish. Hours later after wearing Cover FX, I still could have gone without a single touch-up and was disappointed to have to take it off at the end of my night because my face still looked flawless. I think I might have just fallen in love with Cover FX and I can't wait to try-out the rest of their product range. Could Cover FX truly be the answer to all my makeup woes? Stay-tuned for a follow-up post....

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