On Thursday night I attended the Underground X Launch at their Berwick St. store. Underground are a cult shoemakers brand and purveyors of the original creeper and former Mugler collaborations and on 25.10.12 had turned their Soho flagship store into a party venue to celebrate Underground X – a month-long takeover show of a collaborative series.

In keeping with brands history of innovative partnerships, Underground X is a project that brings limited edition shoes and cross-over lines that was launching on the night and will only be available at the Berwick Street store in Soho. Must-have cooperations part of the series include Ashish, BOY London, Izzue and Sibling. Seeing as Underground was born out of a love for renegade style and makes authentic British rock‘n’roll-inspired shoes, I expected plenty of black patent leathers, buckles, straps, leopard prints and, of course, the obligatory studs (my current favs) and Underground did not fail to deliver. The labels speciality is the chunky soled Creeper modelled on Brothel Creepers, originally an Army shoe for the desert that – post-war – found their way into London’s night clubs on the feet of ex-soldiers; the style was later adopted by the Teddy Boys and even later by Malcolm McLaren and partner Vivienne Westwood. Today they are worn by the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora (...and soon; hopefully myself). I have been contemplating getting a pair for months but I still hadn't decided what style or colour I wanted. Attending this event was to test the waters and see what else they had to offer and hopefully decide what would suit me and my personal style.

Take a look at what I had to drool on on the night: (See below)...

Imagine wearing a cute monochrome dress with these babies (Pictured above) So hott!!!

 (Above) The Much sought-after DJ Emily Rawson on decks for the whole night

Left pic: Left - @sachiko_bangz and right: Me
Right pic: Left - @sachiko_bangz and Vince